Tool Kit for Merchants – beta

Tool Kit for Merchants – beta

In this tool kit, we’ve included material that your business can utilize to connect with the Shop & Dine in the 49 campaign and help raise awareness about the importance of shopping and buying local.


In your communication with your employees and customers we encourage you to share key information about the Shop & Dine in the 49 campaign. Below is text that can be included in newsletters, posted to your website, and more.

San Francisco has launched a citywide campaign to raise the visibility and importance of buying local called Shop & Dine in the 49. In collaboration with Shop Small and San Francisco’s Buy Local campaign, Shop & Dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shopping and dining within the 49 square miles of San Francisco. By shopping, eating, drinking, playing, and utilizing local services within our neighborhoods, we help San Francisco’s corridors and local businesses like ours to remain unique, successful, and vibrant. Now, where do you Shop & Dine in the 49? For more information on the City’s buy local campaign please visit


We’ve included some talking points about how increased spending in our community goes a long way. Below are some messages that can be used when sharing information about the Shop & Dine in the 49 campaign.

  • Locally owned businesses build strong communities. Supporting your friends and neighbors by investing in our community, helps to sustain our vibrant merchant corridors, healthier communities, and local institutions.
  • You can help keep San Franciscans employed by buying local. 57 jobs are created for every $10 million spent locally, while online spending leads to less than a quarter the amount of job creation.
  • Dining locally stimulates economic activity. San Francisco’s 3,300+ restaurants, bars, clubs, and fairs generate $5.2 billion in economic activity annually, employing over 54,000 people.
  • Shopping locally reduces our environmental impact. Local stores help to sustain healthy, compact, and walkable neighborhoods-which reduce automobile use, and air and water pollution.
  • Buying local helps preserve the character and prosperity of the city we all love. San Francisco is unlike any other city in the world. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, we help maintain San Francisco’s diversity and distinctive flair and flavor.


Consider making a direct ask of your employees and customers to join the Shop & Dine in the 49 campaign by sending a personalized email or letter.

Dear Friends,

As a local San Francisco company, we are constantly focused on building and growing a strong business. Through this, we strive to provide an important service to the community, sustain employment and develop a brand identity. As the holiday season approaches, I’d like to educate everyone on the Shop and Dine in the 49 campaign.

Shop and Dine in the 49 is a buy local initiative that focuses on bringing spending back into our diverse neighborhoods. By shopping, eating, drinking, playing, and utilizing local services within our neighborhoods, we ensure unique corridors and local businesses remain thriving, successful, and vibrant.

Every dollar spent at a local business in San Francisco directly supports jobs and our local economy. We have over 90,000 registered businesses including more than 7,700 restaurants, cafes, food stores, and beverage establishments that employ approximately 326,000 local residents. A 1% increase in spending locally creates an additional $100 million in our economy.

I invite you to become part of this movement and spend your hard earned dollars at our local stores. I also invite you to join me, Mayor Ed Lee and a large consortium of local business who are banding together to bring more business to our neighborhoods. For more information on San Francisco’s buy local initiatives please visit

Thank you, and remember to — shop and dine local.

Sincerely, <Insert name>


We ask that you share the benefits of this buy local initiative by posting on your businesses social media channels, using the hashtag #ShopDine49 and campaign images, sharing and retweeting posts made by San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) on Facebook and @sfoewd on Twitter. Be on the lookout: OEWD will announce events and #ShopDine49 specific contests that we hope you’ll participate in.






Sample posts

  • Facebook or Twitter: We are happy to support the #ShopDine49 campaign. It’s simple. Shoppers can experience all the character of #SF by choosing to #ShopLocal.
  • Facebook or Twitter: In #SF 56,924 registered businesses employ 326,610 of our residents. Let’s have each other’s backs. #ShopLocal #ShopDine49
  • Facebook: Why buy local? #Shopping local strengthens the economic base of our community (more jobs, more opportunity!) So go ahead and do your shopping right here at home. #ShopDine49
  • Twitter: Why buy local? #Shopping locally means more of your dollars stay right here in #SF. #ShopDine49
  • Facebook or Twitter: #Shopping local. #Dining local. It’s common ¢ents. #ShopDine49
  • Facebook or Twitter: Discover the character in every #SF neighborhood. #ShopDine49
  • Facebook or Twitter: Your local neighborhood is a real gem. Help to keep it that way by shifting 5% of your spending to local businesses. #ShopDine49


We encourage your business to share your own photos and photos of other local businesses. Start by posting a photo with the sample post below and tagging some of your neighboring businesses and other favorites around town.

Sample posts

Instagram + Twitter: A glimpse of what you get when #ShopDine49. @ShopSmall
Instagram + Twitter: We love our #ShopDine49 family. Where’s your favorite place to @ShopSmall?

Other Tool Kits

In the tool kits, we’ve included material businesses can utilize to connect with the Shop + Dine in the 49 campaign and help raise awareness about the importance of shopping and dining locally.

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