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City Hall Pop-Up Shop – Tuesday, May 3, 2022 (11 AM — 3 PM)


City Hall Pop-Up Shop – Tuesday, May 3, 2022 (11 AM — 3 PM)


Adelyn SF
clothing: Sustainable Women’s Apparel
Table: 33

Aline Sar
jewelry: Hi end silver and stone jewelry
Table: 5


Angel Canizal
jewelry: traditional Mexica handmade silver jewelry
Table: 46


Astrid Walther
jewelry: high end unique look
Table: 43


Atelier Prélude
clothing: Women’s Clothing
Table: 37

Belle Noir Accessories
accessories: specializing in accessories made by artists from Africa and the African Diaspora
Table: 1

Billie Marie Goods
Leather Goods
Table: 24

Brigadeiros Sprinkles
food: Brazilian Chocolate
Table: 10

Bri’s Creation

Karla Garcia <>
food: Cakes and pastries
Table: 22

Caryl B
Candles body care
Table: 3

Christina Choi Cosmetics
Table: 9

Coffee and Cream Press
Table: 12

Dandy Lion Press
Cards and Prints
Table: 4

Darnel Tasker
visual: Graphic Art
Table: 42

Table: 23

Disrupt Modern

Perrin Lam <>
Table: 18

Don Bugito
Table: 2

Eduardo Ordaz
clothing: watercolors; acrylic paintings; prints from originals; hand drawn & painted t shirts
Table: 45


Keepsakes: decoupage wooden boxes for jewelry, cookies, candies.
Table: 13


Fused Glass by Dana

Dana Boyko <>
glass: handcrafted glass
Table: 27

Goldenberg Design
Table: 6

Hairy Ear Prints
Prints and towels
Table: 26

Jennifer Clifford Art + Design

Jennifer Clifford <>
Mixed Media Artist
Table: 25

John Ammann
jewelry: crystal jewelry & prisms, buffalo nickel earrings and natural stone jewelry
Table: 36


keepsakes: items made of cork and handpainted, always early
Table: 32


Jose Ortigaza
keepsakes: beautiful glass ornaments, may need Spanish language assistance
Table: 7


Krsylee Skin Care Line
cosmetics: Skin Care
Table: 28

glass: fused glass items, jewelry, etc.
Table: 40


Line Five Studios
Table: 15

Linshao Chin

Linshao Chin <>
Leather goods
Table: 14


Louise Garbarino
clothing: sewn hats, jackets, scarves
Table: 16


Loyale Studio
Linen/Table Tops
Table: 19


Lynn Vandenberg
jewelry: affordable classic pieces
Table: 31


Merry Ann Milburn

Table: 20

Metta Good
cosmetics: Organic Skin Care
Table: 34

Panacea Apothecary
cosmetics: Organic Skin Care
Table: 17

Pass The Sauce
food: Salsa and Sauces
Table: 38

Pat Mitchel
clothing: African clothing and hats
Table: 21


Phyllis Williams
glass: Fused glass items & pendants
Table: 11


Ryan De Bonville
Table: 39

Sam Lynch
visual: art prints and original paintings
Table: 29


Sean (John)  Kilcoyne
visual: Really cool, unique gifts.
Table: 44


Simone Guimaraes
keepsakes: Cute, fun items, painting, screenprints
Table: 8


Socola Chocolates
food: Choclates
Table: 30

sureyya ozsoy>
woven wire & bead craft necklaces, bracelets, earrings; knit & crochet scarves & hats
Table: 48


crochet, feather ornaments
Table: 35


food: Juice
Table: 47

Val’s Hosiery
clothing: Women’s Apparel
Table: 50


WENWEN designs

Frances Chang <>
jewelry: Graphic-inspired wood and metal jewelry.
Table: 41



Shared Spaces is a multi-agency program of San Francisco’s Economic Recovery Task Force that allows businesses and community groups to use sidewalks, streets, and nearby public spaces like parks, parking lots and plazas, for restaurant pick-up and other neighborhood retail activities.

So far, over 1,900 free Shared Spaces permits have been issued throughout San Francisco to help businesses move outdoors. You can view an interactive map to see all the proposed and approved locations. To learn more or apply for a free permit, go to

The creativity and determination of San Francisco’s small businesses are on full display with Shared Spaces, as sidewalks and streets have been transformed into vibrant outdoor dining and shopping spaces. By shopping and dining in your neighborhood (including ordering takeout and delivery), you can give thanks to our resilient business owners and workers who are doing all they can to serve our communities safely during this challenging time. A simple thank you and a small purchase can go a long way!

View a gallery of Shared Spaces in San Francisco and follow the official account @sharedspacesSF on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterTwitter.