San Francisco Beer Week

FEBRUARY 10 – 19, 2017

Brewers from the SF Brewers Guild, a collegial bunch.

New to SF Beer Week? What is SF Beer Week?

SF Beer Week is a collection of curated events, spanning multiple days, that celebrate craft beer and the craft beer community.


Where are the events listed?

SF Beer Week is in the Event Submission phase right now. The initial list of events will be launched December 5, 2016. Sign up on the home page (scroll to bottom) to receive announcements and other SFBW news.

SF Beer Week Opening Gala

Who attends SF Beer Week events?

One really cool thing about SF Beer Week is how diverse the events, and since craft beer appeals to a wide range of people, if you’re over 21, there’s probably an event for you! Events may cater to various beer tastes (hoppy, sweet and malty, sour, aged, cask-conditioned), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners) and entertainment interests (movies, games, sporting events). Even family-oriented events make appearances, like an afternoon Halloween festival featuring pumpkin carving, a past highlight.

A love of hops has led to a love of haze

What does it cost to attend an events?

Event cost is set by the host venue or event producer. Many events are ‘pay as you go,’ meaning free to attend, but you pay for the beer and/or food you consume. Other events may require an admission fee, or advanced reservations with or without a deposit. Still other events may offer free food samples or discounts.

Hopsy delivers branded growlers to your door

Where do I get tickets for events?

If an event is charging for participation, we will include a link to purchase online or provide other instructions.


How can I make the most of SF Beer Week?

With so many events, planning is key. SF Beer Week offers a few tools to make that easier, including the ability for you to create and share your own itinerary (account req’d), to filter and sort by a host of criteria (event type, event time, geographically, etc.), and to look up what’s happening at your favorite venues.

FEBRUARY 10, 2017

The SF Beer Week Opening Gala is the largest, most anticipated, and prestigious annual gathering of the Northern California craft beer community. It’s the kick off party for SF Beer Week, commencing a nine-day marathon of beer dinners, tastings, tap takeovers and educational events that occur all over the Bay Area.

SF Beer Week Opening Gala 2017
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